iBUYPOWER Gaming Desktop (AM900Z) Review

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Gamer, when looking to buy a new computer, has a choice to be made: either choose a laptop that offers portability at the cost of performance. On the other hand, by choosing a desktop he gets a lot of power to crunch his games, but the system won’t be easy to carry around, not at all. Should he opt for a desktop, the AM900Z model from iBuyPower might be all a gamer needs today, and for many upcoming years. Below are my thoughts about the longevity and suitability of this model for the modern player.

With GTX 1070, Expectations Are High

Generally speaking, if you choose any product from the GeForce GTX 10xx series, you are bound to get a full gaming ready card. In the iBuyPower AM900Z, the choice is GeForce GTX 1070 (with 8GB GDDR5 memory), which is one of the better cards in the series – and in the whole graphics card market right now. In short, you can run any game at maximum settings on Full HD gaming, and even 1440p (and possibly above) run fine if you can skimp on the highest setting here and there. For example, on 1080p you will get on average much higher than 60 frames per second. The card is also VR ready and exceeds the minimum requirements for many VR equipment manufacturers.

High-End Components Compliment the Graphics Performance

The graphics department is in check and exactly the same can be said about processor. Manufacturer has configured the Intel i7-7700K processor inside, a quad-core chip with 4.2GHz clock speed and 4.5GHz turbo boost. While there are some doubts about its minor improvements from the previous generations, it is safe to say the i7-7700K is still an extremely fast, if not the fastest, processor of 2017. Literally anything – be it game or software like virtual environment – this system will handle smoothly as far as the processor is concerned. Needless to say, such a quad-core high frequency CPU is also most suitable for serious multitasking.

It’s not a rare sight to see hard drive plus storage drive in a desktop anymore. The undisputed advantage of such configuration is the high storage capacity and high performance it brings: the first from HDD, the second from SSD. In this desktop, installed are a terabyte hard drive (SATA 7200RPM) and a 240GB solid-state drive. If iBuyPower does the smart thing like other manufacturers, they have also installed Windows 10 Home on the SSD which means better start up times. Both of these drives can also be upgraded if you want even more space.

The 16GB DDR4 RAM this desktop has is, if you ask me, all a gamer needs to keep games running smooth and nice. There are different opinions depending on who you ask from. But in general 8 gigabytes is the norm, 16 gigabytes is plenty. Anything above that is an overkill; hardly any instance on your system would be able to utilize all that.

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Plenty of Ports But Do You See USB-C?

The iBuyPower AM900Z accepts plenty of peripherals. Available are eight USB connectors in total – six USB 3.1 and two USB 2.0. This is quite a big amount, although the new(ish) USB-C port has not landed on these shores yet. Well, in my opinion the USB-C is nowhere near to the point where it would be called required; it’s still just a curiosity. Moving on, the graphics card has connectors for DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort so you are free to pick your poison. The system will run three monitors, perhaps not for gaming so well unless you lower settings and/or resolutions.

As you could expect, the desktop has a Gigabit Ethernet port on the backside welcoming a high-speed Internet connection. Also, a built in Realtek Wireless 802.11ac adapter seems to be in place. The specifications say a WiFi USB adapter is included, but indeed a few people commented it’s actually the built-in WiFi card you are getting.

The desktop does not have an optical drive. The implication for gamers is that you can install games from discs only with an external optical drive. It’s also a good option to just download all of the games digitally from Internet.

Miscellaneous Things That Came To Mind

The case has RGB lightning and the colors can be changed remotely. One side has a window and it’s made of tempered glass. The desktop includes a keyboard and mouse – they look like they’re suitable for gaming, although someone commented they are rather low quality.

Two drives - Including solid-state drive is good also for desktops; it brings the much-needed performance and quick start-up times for operating system, programs and games.

Lagless gaming - Only a true gaming desktop like the AM900Z has the top-shelf GeForce GTX 1070 card running graphics.

Quite quiet - Many people have said the desktop isn't loud at all.

Expensive - Quality and/or performance costs; this desktop is much pricier than your average computer.

It is true that with the price of iBuyPower AM900Z, one can get a decent gaming laptop. However, if you don’t care so much about the portability, this desktop system is all a gamer should want – exceptional performance for games brought by the GTX 1070 card with quad-core i7 and SSD helping plenty in the process. The desktop seems to be upgradeable too in case you want to install more drives or so. If you can bear its cost, you will be surprised only in the most positive way by choosing this iBuyPower.

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