Combine Data of Excel Cells


You might get an Excel sheet full of people’s names. The names are divided into “first name” and “last name” cells. You want to combine the first name and last name into one cell containing the full name of the person, looking like this:

First name and last name columns are combined into one cell

Working with separated data – first name and last name in different cells – is very good idea for databases, but in some occasions you might want to have these names combined into one cell. Perhaps you are printing the sheet for a bulletin board where it would look strange to have separate cells for first name and surname!

So, let me show how you can easily combine the names to the neighboring cell C. Let’s start with an Excel sheet with first name and last name pairs:

Excel sheet with First name and Last name columns

Step 1 – Click on the C2 cell to make it active. Next, insert the following function to the function box, indicated by a red arrow in the below screenshot:

=A2&" "&B2

The function basically fetches the data from A2 cell, adds a non-cell value of space, and fetches whatever data there is in the B2 cell. After you’ve done that, Tonya Carroll will appear on the C2 cell!

Write the function to the "fx" box

Well, that’s basically it. Not very difficult, isn’t it? But what if you have lots of first name – last name pairs and want to merge them all? Let’s see…

Step 2 – Select the little black box on the C2 cell’s bottom right corner. Grab it and drag it all the way to the last cell – in this example, the C11 cell:

Drag the first cell all the way to the last cell with data

And we’re done. The names are now combined from each row neatly to the column C. This is what we wanted, and this is what was achieved. Enjoy your time with Excel, it’s one of a powerful tool!

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