ASUS ZenBook UX501VW-XH71T Ultrabook Review

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ASUS ZenBooks are very popular ultrabooks – you couldn’t possibly go through this market and not stumble upon one. They are known for their build quality, beautiful displays and often satisfying performance – at least this mid-range ZenBook we reviewed earlier. However, now it’s time to look at the high-end ZenBook UX501VW-XH71T, the flagship of ASUS ultrabook series!

Leading Performance for Any Software You Can Think of

Compared to the UX330UA model, this ZenBook goes even higher in the processor performance. There’s Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor commanding the laptop, whereas the other ZenBook had a slower Core i5. Indeed, this i7-6700HQ is currently (in Summer 2017) one of the best mobile processors, with four cores contributing to multitasking support and clock speed of 2.6GHz ensuring lag-free operations. It also has the Intel’s famous turbo boost with up to 3.5GHz clock frequency. If this notebook ever had a bottleneck, it wouldn’t be the processor, no!

This ZenBook UX501VW doubles the memory its little brother ZenBook UX330UA had. Installed is 16GB memory, and it’s the faster DDR4 2133MHz type. That will also be the maximum RAM the system takes, as a single DIMM stick is supported by the mainboard. That might be a little strange, as this laptop’s board could possibly hold another slot. Nonetheless, 16GB is far more than most people ever need, even the cheaper ZenBook with eight gigabytes suffices for both recreational and power users.

Likewise, the storage drive department is better in this ZenBook, as it equips a 512GB M.2 PCI-e/NVMe drive (in comparison to 256GB SATA 3 in the other model). In this UX501VW, the SSD is two times bigger and also faster, thanks to the modern NVMe technology. Due to the notebook’s bigger frame, also a 2.5″ 7mm SATA3 hard drive can be installed inside, if the snappy, half a terabyte SSD is not enough for you.

Ultra Modern Display for Power Users

The biggest difference you can see right away, when comparing to the UX330UA model, is the display size. Whereas the other unit sports the compact 13.3″ screen, this UX501VW steps up the game with a 15.6″ display diagonal. It is debatable if you can call a notebook with 15-inch screen an ultrabook, but no matter what category this computer falls in, its screen surely rocks.

For one, the resolution goes very high at 3840×2160, which in the tech circles is known as Ultra HD. This is wonderful news for people who hoard a lot of things on the screen at the same time – like keep few documents open side by side. Being an IPS panel you can also expect colors showing vividly and accurately, and the measured viewing angles are around 170 degrees. The screen also supports 10-point touch, however it does not detach or flip to tablet mode, as this ZenBook is not a 2-in-1 laptop.

All in all, the displays in these two ZenBooks mainly differ in size. One is 13.3 inches, other is 15.6. The smaller one features 3200×1800 Quad HD resolution whereas this 15-incher comes with 3840×2160. In terms of image quality, they are both stellar.

A Helpful Video Review

Say Hello to Upgraded Gaming Capabilities

The ASUS ZenBook UX501VW-XH71T is in the price category where you can expect bulletproof functionality and features in all aspects. Indeed, also the graphics department is well thought in this premium ultrabook. The laptop contains GeForce GTX 960M (4GB GDDR5 video RAM), a dedicated graphics card – admittedly from the older GTX 900 series, but still much better than most laptops have. Indeed, the 13.3″ ZenBook does much worse in this regards as it only sports a feeble, integrated Intel HD 620 chip. However, what you can expect here, is a full support for at least 1080p (Full HD) gaming. Triple A games like Doom and Grand Theft Auto 5 would easily hit 30-40 frames per second.

Supports Plenty of Devices Thanks to The Array of Ports

All the manufacturers have started to include USB-C ports on their A-game laptops. Yes, also ASUS has included one in the ZenBook UX501VW-XH71T. The USB Type-C here also supports Thunderbolt 3, and naturally many other standards with a right kind of adapter at hand. The selection doesn’t end in the USB-C port, as three regular USB 3.0 connectors are also available. So is HDMI output, which allows the connection of external monitor directly, without the use of USB-C adapters. In the cheaper 13″ ZenBook, the ports are quite similar, although only two USB 3.0 ports are present and HDMI is replaced with micro HDMI.

The A/C wireless adapter finds networks fast and keeps them even even from long range. Bluetooth 4.0 is also supported; it’s handy for transferring some smaller files from your smart phone (indeed, not the only way, but an effortless method at least). Like the 13-inch model, also this one has no RJ-45 port included.

Even this ZenBook with 15″ screen is rather thin, which means there is no space for an optical drive. This “problem” is actually becoming a non-issue, as you will find everything you want in Internet and download them just like that. That being said, if you can’t let go of DVDs, you can easily plug USB-connecting drive to this laptop.

Heavyweight Battery, plus Few Miscellaneous Benefits

While ultrabooks are known for their extended battery life, you must also remember ASUS ZenBook UX501VW-XH71T comes with some energy-sucking components: a bright Ultra HD display and quad-core i7 processor. Hence, even though it has a 6-cell 96Whrs battery – an unit considered long-lasting – the actual operating time won’t be the same than in, say, the 13-inch version. I would estimate that after six hours of web browsing, you will need to recharge the battery. Also, it being an internal model, changing the battery unit will require disassembling half of the laptop.

Operating system is Windows 10 Profesional; not the basic Home version. The notebook has an illuminated keyboard, without changeable colors. The power adapter’s input voltage is regular 100-240 volts, making the notebook suitable for all(?) countries. The laptop’s shell is made of aluminum metal.

7th-Gen Core i7 - The main thing that makes this ZenBook fly is the processor. Belonging to the latest 7th generation family and the flagship i7 series, you can only expect great things from the CPU and notebook.

NVme SSD - Also contributing to the impeccable performance of this laptop is the solid-state drive. What is more, it has more space then they usually have, a great 512 gigabytes.

Display is gorgeous - If you demand high quality screen, choose this ZenBook. The 3840x2160 resolution on IPS display offers plenty for power users, digital artists and avid movie watchers.

Expensive - The only disadvantage I can think of, is the price of this machine. You need to shell out plenty of money to get it while many other, cheaper and suitable laptops also exist.

Being truly a high-end laptop, ASUS ZenBook UX501VW-XH71T sports a price tag that shoos all but the most serious shoppers. Indeed, if your requirements in performance, display quality and good looks are high, the pool of potential laptops shrinks, with one of the remaining options being this ZenBook. In a word, you will never run out of “oomph” with it due to bulletproof components, and the Ultra HD IPS display will provide image easy on eyes and beautiful to look at. Gaming performance is also decent for a laptop, so are interfaces with USB-C and dedicated HDMI. The only problem might be the price of this unit as its substantially more expensive than the 13-inch ZenBook – however, if you only require the best, you know what you must do.

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