ASUS M580VD-EB76 VivoBook (Mid 2017) Review

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ASUS has long been known to manufacture quality ultrabooks. One of their brands, the VivoBook, is a series of high-end ultrabooks meant for power users, productive work and business travelers alike. In the summer of 2017, a new model of theirs, the ASUS M580VD-EB76 has been released and from what I can see, the laptop has already acquired the attention of prospective buyers!

Average Display, Decent Graphics Performance

Often times ultrabooks take pride in having high quality displays – excellent resolution and image sharpness are usually a norm. However, in the case of ASUS M580VD-EB76, the situation is bit different. The resolution on this 15.6″ display doesn’t go higher than 1920×1080 which, in the trending 4K resolution era, might not please the most demanding users. Furthermore, the panel seems to be a cheap TN make with average 45% NTSC color gamut and 60hz refresh rate. Thus, this matte screen won’t offer the crispiest image and best colors, although I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for occasional Photoshop, Illustrator and Lightroom use. Touch is not supported here so be prepared to use it with trackpad (or mouse) and keyboard.

This ASUS is one of the better ultrabooks for gaming, as GeForce GTX 1050 with dedicated 4GB GDDR5 memory is included. True, it’s one of the slowest members in the GTX 1000 series, however still tons faster than integrated engines. As PC Gamer puts it, the GTX 1050 is good for 1080p gaming if you don’t mind using low to medium settings. For example, you can expect over 50 frames per second on popular games like Doom and Fallout 4!

Says Yes to Any Type of Programs

This laptop is a beast when it comes to running software. First, the processor, which is the quad-core heavyweight Intel Core i7-7700HQ – with clock speed beginning at a high 2.8GHz and ending up at 3.8GHz with the turbo boost feature. Such processors are used by programmers, virtual environment users and digital artists to ensure that their resource-heavy programs run without interruptions. With 45W Thermal Design Power, it’s quite an energy hog, but you have to sacrifice something to get the great performance it offers compared to any other laptop processor!

The memory and storage departments will also make sure the performance is top. There are two 8GB DDR4 2400MHz sticks installed, so the memory totals (and at the same time, caps) at 16GB. This is, by far, the most common amount in today’s power user laptops and you don’t really need more than sixteen gigabytes. Perhaps even better is the storage choice, as two drives are giving you something essential yet different. First, there is a 1TB 5400RPM hard drive for storing a lot of data. Second, a 256GB M.2 solid-state drive opens and runs programs you store on it very quickly. Also, as far as I know, Windows 10 is pre-loaded on the SSD. Typically, you can expect booting times of 10-15 seconds.

Plug In Your Peripherals, The Ports Section is In Check

Being a 15-inches notebook, this ASUS has the upper hand on ports selection compared to smaller yet more expensive ultrabooks. Indeed, you will find four USB ports in total – two older USB 2.0, one USB 3.0 and also one modern USB 3.1 Type-C. The last port supports many standards, such as HDMI, as long as you have the right cable or adapter at hand (actually, that is one of the main selling points of USB-C: one port to rule them all!). However, the notebook still sports a dedicated, full-sized HDMI-output for conveniently plugging in an extra monitor.

Optical drives are quickly dropping out of laptops; because who still uses discs? Not many, but if you do, don’t be afraid to use USB-connecting, external DVD drive with this machine. It still has a built-in SD(HC/XC) card reader for your data transferring endeavors!

Both wired and wireless adapter are present; so you can opt for cable or not. The wired adapter supports the proper Gigabit Ethernet standard, while the wireless adapter works with long-range 802.11ac standard and Bluetooth 4.2 as well!

Battery Does Not Last a Full Day

You could expect a laptop this sleek and pricey to have great operating time with its 47Whr 3-cell Li-ion battery. Well, also consider the components: the quad-core, non low voltage processor and dedicated graphics card! As a result, the battery life will be 6 hours at best, and three to four hours under heavier loads. So, depending on your use, you may want to keep the charger close. Also, you can not just snap the battery out as it’s considered non-replaceable on this model (although with tools and tinkering, it can be upgraded). Power adapter supports the usual 100-240 voltage.

Miscellaneous Benefits You Might Find Interesting

At 4.4 pounds, the laptop is quite lightweight for a 15 incher. Traditionally, they were a pound more, but the modern technology has made everything smaller and lighter!

On this model, the keyboard is illuminated.

Snappy for programs - From lightweight to advanced applications, you can trust this laptop to run everything. A Core i7 processor, together with SSD, will take any user far!

Quite lightweight - For a 15.6 inches notebook the weight of 4.4 pounds isn't bad at all. You wouldn't find it inconvenient to travel with this computer.

Image quality could be better - This is a TN panel with low color gamut, so don't expect professional-grade picture quality here.

The strengths of ASUS M580VD-EB76 lie in the unapologetic performance, brought by a quad-core 7th generation i7 processor, solid-state drive and a dedicated graphics card. No software is out of this laptop’s reach, be it just browsing and emails, or fancier stuff like images or videos, you wanted to work with. Extra thanks goes to the GTX 1050 graphics as you can also use this for 1080p gaming without issues. If I was to complain about something it’d be the screen; the display could have better image quality for the price. Yet, all in all, I think the ASUS is worth the price for those who want a good looking and functional, high-performance laptop.

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