Apple MacBook Air (MD760LL/B, 13.3-inch, Mid-2013) Review

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We don’t often review “old” electronics on this website, but in the case of Apple products exceptions can be made. Their 2013 MacBook Air, with model number MD760LL/B and 13.3 inches display, has resurfaced as a certified refurbished unit. Despite being four years old, there are a lot of people who have shown interest for this MacBook Air. Hence, I have written this review that explains the different aspects this Apple notebook has!

Everyday Performance Still Good in 2017

The MacBook Air from 2013 packs Intel Core i5-4250U as its processor. Keeping in mind the year this laptop was published, the Core i5 sports the older Haswell (5th generation) architecture. With the 1.3GHz clock speed and 2.6GHz turbo boost, the i5-4250U is still a considerable processor for recreational use where absolute performance is not required. This would include home users, students and business people.

As usually, this Apple laptop comes with on-board memory, this time 4GB of DDR3 1600 type. In 2013 this was plenty, now 4 gigabytes is the minimum recommended amount if you ask me. The memory can not be upgraded as it’s soldered on board, so there’s not too much future-proof as far as the RAM is considered. The storage section offers a 128GB flash drive, which is essentially a solid-state drive going by a different name. Such a featherweight and snappy SSD is the only right choice for an ultrabook!

There’s not much this (or any) MacBook Air can do for gamers. They are excellent notebooks for most user demographics, but the measly integrated graphics make MacBooks undesirable for the gaming folk. This particular model equips Intel HD 5000, a tiny chip on the i5 processor, which is good for low-key playing only. Being a 2013 model, the Intel HD 5000 can’t really play newer games such as Grand Theft Auto 5 or Battlefield 4. System-easy titles like sports games and Sims 4 are not an issue, though.

Is the Display Stellar Like in Most Apple Products?

Apple has made every effort to make their products as easy to use as possible. One part of the usability chain is the display – who wants to operate a laptop whose screen makes your head hurt or its text is hard to read? Well, I have read user reports suggesting the actual image quality on this 2013 MacBook Air is good. However, one thing is hampering the success of this display, and that is the resolution. Four years back 1080p wasn’t an everyday feature like it is now; as a result, the maximum resolution this screen supports is 1440×900. If you can not live with that resolution, there are also other Apple MacBooks you might want to know about.

After Three Years of Use Video

A Minimum Set-Up of Interfaces

Smaller ultrabooks never have the most exotic of ports; neither does this MacBook Air 2013. At your fingertips are two USB 3.0 ports and one Thunderbolt connector. Four years ago USB Type-C was pretty much an unknown thing, so such a modern port is not found here. In addition, the missing HDMI output might be inconvenient for a few users.

The networking options are expectedly limited to wireless; yet it’s a modern 802.11ac capable WiFi adapter that’s installed inside. Support for Bluetooth 4.0 is present. Ethernet port is not available due to size constraints I believe. However, many people happily use USB or Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapters with their MacBooks.

Optical drive is something you won’t certainly find here, Apple believes – quite correctly – that everything worthy of installing can be downloaded from Internet. Nonetheless, the laptop features SDXC card reader which offers a fast way to transfer data to the notebook (or away from it).

Few Other Things You Might Like to Know About

Only a handful of laptops can surpass Apple MacBooks in battery life. Truly, this model also rocks in the battery department – the 54-cell unit will, at best, keep this beauty running for 12-13 hours with a single charge. This is a wonderful battery life for people who travel on intercontinental flights or spend full work days in environments where it’s not possible to charge their laptops.

The keyboard is backlit with a single color. Keep in mind this model does not come with original Apple box and accessories – it’s a refurbished notebook for slashed price. Facetime application is available.

Best battery life - Providing you 12 hours or so duration, no one should have complaints about the battery life. Apple really has got this thing down with their laptops!

Lightweight - When you combine the battery life with 3 pounds weight you have the essential traveler's laptop at your disposal. And don't forget the maximum thickness of 0.68 inches - it's the slimmest notebook you'll see!

Snappy for most applications - Unless you are doing heavy video editing, the Apple will deliver for home and power users alike.

Some modern-day amenities missing - The biggest disadvantage is the screen's resolution, with 1440x900 being tad low in the middle of today's Full HD (and higher) trend. Another thing that might put some people off is the non-existent HDMI output.

Many people are doubtful about buying older, refurbished computers. Rightfully so, some laptops that come from the past years are certainly too slow in 2017. However, you must remember this is Apple in question – a company known from their high quality, even timeless, products. Indeed, the MacBook Air from 2013 is still an useful laptop even in this year, with performance capable for day-to-day activities and entertainment use. The best thing about the 2013 model is the price – you can not really find MacBook Air any cheaper than this. Thus, a budget shopper wanting a genuine Apple laptop would do well with this refurbished model!

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