Apple iMac (27″, Retina 5K, 2017, MNE92LL/A) Review

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iMacs are the Apple’s answer to the demand for All-in-One computers, where the actual desktop unit is combined with the display and input devices are also provided. The new 2017 version, with 27-inches 5K Retina display and model number MNE92LL/A, might be a well-rounded desktop for power users and Apple enthusiasts. To find out if that is the case, I have taken a look at various aspects of the new iMac and explained it below.

Enough Performance, Enough Storage

These new iMacs from 2017 are not a slow bunch of desktop computers. They come with Intel Core i5 or i7 processor from the 7th generation family (which also goes by the name of Kaby Lake). For example, the model with number MNE92LL/A has Intel Core i5-7500, an upper level quad-core processor whose clock speed reaches a high 3.4GHz regularly and 3.8GHz with turbo. The other processors are, at least, i5-7400, i7-7700, i5-7600, i5-7600K and i7-7700K. Ideally, a person interested in the most performance available would pick the i7 version, although the i5-7500 already beats most other processors out there.

Other components you might want to hear about are 8GB 2400MHz DDR4 system memory. Two 4GB sticks occupy two of the four memory slots, and the most memory it can in theory take is 64 gigabytes. The storage drive is a 1TB Fusion drive, which in plain English is a hybrid drive with 1TB hard drive and a small SSD cache. I’ve heard it might be tough to upgrade your Apple products after the purchase, although I’m sure a person skilled in hardware can do most anything to his computer.

Best Part Might Be the Display

The perfect desktop configuration requires a great display. With the new 2017 iMac, that will not be a problem! It equips a large 27-inches non-touch widescreen whose native resolution is a whopping 5120×2880, in the advertisement speech 5K. It’s also a famous Retina Display which means there are more pixels on the display than on most screens, which in turn results in a much sharper image. It’s also bright enough for any kind of environment with brightness being 500 nits. In a word, I suspect this screen is going to look better than about any desktop display you have ever used before.

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Gamers Will Get Something but Not Everything

AMD has released a new set of graphics chips in 2017, and to this iMac model, the Radeon Pro 570 has found its way. Since the graphics cards and this desktop are so new there are hardly any actual gaming performance tests available yet. However, it is expected to keep smooth frame rates on most games if you are happy with 1080p resolution and perhaps reduced settings. So yes, you won’t likely be playing on the native resolution of this iMac, but if that’s not a problem you should be happy with the performance Radeon Pro 570 brings to the table.

A Lot of USB-C in The Ports Department

Often Apple trusts on new technology on their products; at least the ports section on this iMac suggests so. The desktop has four regular USB 3.0 ports, but more interestingly, also two USB-C ports. They both support Thunderbolt 3 too – feel free to plug in a secondary display to your 2017 iMac! There is no HDMI port on these models, but as Apple explains, with a simple USB-C to HDMI adapter you can get HDMI-enabled displays working too.

There’s a tendency to leave out optical drives from today’s computers. Also in this desktop, DVD burner is not available. If you want to use discs, the option to get external DVD burner remains. You will also find SDXC card reader in this unit which works wonders for digital photo uploading from cameras.

The Gigabit Ethernet connector allows you to connect to networks with the reliability of the cable. That being said, such a wired method can be cumbersome, so Apple has also included a wireless card (802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.2) on the unit for your freedom!

What is Included in the Box?

iMac (the desktop with display), Magic keyboard, Magic Mouse 2, power cord, Lightning port to USB cable.

Not slow - No matter what you will use the desktop for, there will be enough performance due to speedy processor and plenty of RAM for your enjoyment. Also, don't forget the fusion drive is a bit faster than regular hard drive thanks to the SSD cache inside.

Display is the best - A 27 inches display with 5K resolution is just killing it. The screen estate it offers is magnificent, with enough area to show multiple videos or images at the same time, easily.

Pricey - Apple products are premium and it shows in price. Be prepared to shell out plenty of cash to get this one. Indeed, the iMac does not give the best (performance) bang for your buck, if you are after that.

Putting it simply, the new Apple iMac is a powerful desktop PC. Not many of the competitors can beat Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB memory and a terabyte drive which gives you all the space in the world and little more. The Retina display with a 5K resolution (5120×2880) is as sharp as a screen gets, and the 27-inches diagonal suffices for digital artists and such. Some, although not great, gaming performance will also be present thanks to the Radeon Pro dedicated graphics. There’s nothing really wrong about the desktop other than being pricey, as far as I can see. If you can afford the iMac you’ll surely get a fast, lean and mean computer for years to come.

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