Remove Last Name on Facebook


Here’s a cool trick: You can remove your last name from Facebook. Like, completely. This is an important step if you want to become anonymous but still use the social medium.

You see, Facebook allows people from Indonesia to remove their surname. I’ve heard this is because Indonesians generally have only one name, at least until recently. So you have to appear as an Indonesian for Facebook!

This is done by using a proxy server. It’s basically a middleman between your computer and Facebook – so you’ll be connecting first to the proxy server physically located in Indonesia, which will in turn connect to Facebook. This will allow for the last name removal. However, there is at least one caveat to this method: After you’ve removed your last name, you can change it back only after 60 days. So proceed with care!

Step 1: Find an Indonesian proxy. Probably the easiest way to do this is through ProxyNova. Go here and pick a Proxy IP & Proxy Port that preferably have green speed.

Step 2: Now configure Windows to use that proxy. Press Windows key (next to Alt) + R. The Run tool opens. Write inetcpl.cpl to the input field and hit OK. Internet Properties window will open.

Step 3: Navigate to ConnectionsLAN Settings.

Step 4: Check the box “Use a proxy server for your LAN”. Type in the Address (Proxy IP) and Port and hit OK. Remember to use the Proxy IP and Port you just fetched from ProxyNova.

Step 5: You’re now connected to Internet via Indonesia. It’s time to open Facebook and go to Language Settings. If it doesn’t open, the proxy is not working. This happens rather often, in this case, just pick another proxy from the ProxyNova list and repeat the above steps until it works.

Step 6: On the Language Settings page, change your language to Bahasa Indonesia. This is to reinforce the impression that you’re actually Indonesian.

Step 7: Now you’re using Facebook in Indonesian, but only for a while. Select “Umum” (General Settings) tab from the left hand side navigation. Click on “Sunting” (Edit) link on the “Nama” (Name) row. Now, remove “Belakang” (Last Name). Click “Tinjau Perubahan” (Review Change). You might be prompted for your password, just enter it and hit again the blue button. Now you should be done and your last name is removed!

Step 8: Obviously, change language back to English or whatever you want. This is done from the “Bahasa” (Language) tab on on the left. Select the “Bahasa apakah yang ingin Anda gunakan saat membuka Facebook?” row, choose language from the list and click “Simpan Perubahan”.

Step 9: Log out of Facebook.

Step 10: Remove the proxy from your Internet settings. This is very important. You don’t want to use Internet through an unknown Indonesian proxy for security and performance reasons. Go back to LAN Settings, remove Address and Port and Uncheck the “Use a proxy server for your LAN” box and hit OK.

Step 11: You might also want to log in to Facebook (without the proxy) and change your password. Remember, you connected to Facebook through an unknown proxy. The data between your computer and Facebook is secured, and it shouldn’t be possible for the proxy to read it. Nonetheless, you still might want to take this extra security step.

BONUS TIP: If your intentions are to stay anonymous, you might also want to change your username if it includes your last name. See, even though your name on Facebook is now labeled only as your first name, your profile URL might be So if you wanted to completely remove your last name from Facebook, also change the profile URL (= username). It can be done through Settings. Just remember you can change the username only once – after that, it’s final.

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