Changing WordPress Username


Inside the WordPress admin panel, usernames can not be changed for some reason. First name, last name, nickname and how your name will be publicly shown can be changed, but what if you want to modify the username itself? Reason for this could be that you want to login with a different name – indeed, logins to admin panel are made with the username.

Taking a look at the Users section of WordPress admin panel, you will see the following information. Note the text “Usernames cannot be changed.” and the greyed out Username field:

You can not change the username in the admin panel, but you can do it in the database. The easiest way to access it is with phpMyAdmin, the graphical user interface for WordPress database. If you are on a shared hosting you will most probably find it in cPanel. Look for the icon that says phpMyAdmin.

In phpMyAdmin, navigate to your WordPress database in the left menu (in this example, it’s called example_db) and then click the wp_users table. Once you have done that, a following view will show:

This view lists all the users in your WordPress blog. Choose the right user and note the user_login field. That is the username, and you want to double-click the field two times to make it editable.

Now, type the new username and click somewhere on the page to save the changes. After that, you can log in to WordPress with your new username, and you will see the new username also in the WordPress admin panel!

Now, the username has been changed. If you want to change how the name will be shown publicly, also edit the “Nickname” and “Display name publicly as” fields below!

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